Lingerie Buying – Do’s And Don’ts

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Even though its the clothing item that doesn’t generally show, it is one of the necessary accessories that matter most. And don’t let the name inner wear fool you – because it really affects how your outer wear shapes up. I mean it – your underwear doesn’t just impact how you feel (don’t deny red chaddis make you feel epic) but also impacts the fall of your clothing. Certain clothes require a bra that is lightly padded, for example, to give a good flow. But at the same time that padded bra cannot make its way to your lounge wear, where you would much rather opt for a soft cotton one that is breathable and comfortable.

Now I know most of us grow up with little or no knowledge about how to choose the right underwear because desi moms are just to embarrassed and would much rather pretend underwear doesn’t exist. Nor did we have the best sales girls to guide us accordingly back in the day – although new stores popping up in town such as the have some extremely professional ones to guide new customers! So let’s talk 5 do’s and don’ts of underwear wearing.

  1. Don’t be shy about getting yourself measured at the store. Professionals can guide you towards the right size suited for you. Because trust me – the wrong size can be painful. The right size will give you the right support and will also last much longer without losing elasticity!
  2. Don’t shy away from wearing colorful underwear. I know a lot of us group up thinking colorful underwear is for married women but heck no. It’s for everyone. Do what makes you feel good because that will show on your face and don’t limit yourself, dost.
  3. Do buy nice underwear and don’t fall for the – no one sees it so may as well get an ugly pair from the street vendor. That’s really bad quality and good underwear is like an investment. For your body of course!
  4. Do invest in the basics – by basics I mean a t-shirt bra (for fitted tops and chiffon shirts to give a smooth look), a plunge bra (if you have low cut kurtas) and soft, unpadded cotton bras for regular wear.
  5. Do take care of your lingerie. Don’t toss them into the washing machine or hand to your household for a scrub. Be gentle when washing with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Pulling, tugging and scrubbing can really mess up the shape of the bra.

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