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Why do most men find it weird to shop lingerie for their women? Most are afraid of being called perverts, would prefer to go to hell and back than enter a Lingerie shop. Others cannot stand the prying eyes on them when approaching the lingerie section of stores. For others, they have no clue as to the sizes that are suitable for their partners. Therefore, buying lingerie is an impossible task for most men. has made your lingerie shopping experience way too easy as browsing and shopping @www.nightyonline,pk saves you that awkward feeling and stress associated with visiting a physical lingerie store. You can privately shop online at your own time and at a place most convenient for you; and have these items delivered to you or wrapped as a gift to your loved ones.

On knowing your partners perfect bra size, here are some tips;

  • Take a sneak peek inside her lingerie drawer and find the type of item you intend to buy and locate the size. It is advised not to size her up based on one item; check other sizes and ensure they are the same size range.
  • Ask her best friend. Girl friends know this kind of thing otherwise she can assist in finding out.
  • Ask her. It may not be a bad idea to ask her directly what size to order but this may take the surprise away from it.
  • Take the Fruit test. This actually works. For bra sizes, the fullness of the breasts can help in determining her bra size. Basically, if her breast has the size of Lemons, she’s a Cup A. If Orange, it’s a Cup B. IfGrapefruit, then she’s Cup C. If Melons, then she’s Cup D or even a DD.

A detailed description on how to know the bust and band size will be discussed in subsequent editions of theNightyonline  blogs.

For assistance on your order or questions you may have, call Nightyonline help line – 0300-398-3347

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