Leak Proof Panties

Leak Proof Panties

They are everyday panties with a leak proof crotch. With Leak Proof Period Panties, you don’t have to worry about unpredictable periods and they will keep you dry from every day discharge too. They are made of 100% cotton with stretchable quality which are superbly comfortable and are safe to use.

We all know that periods don’t come announced….
Instead of wearing a pad in anticipation, a leak proof panty will keep you stress free and stain free at the time period starts whether you are at school or at work. They also keep you dry from daily discharge and you will not have to wear panty liners. 
They are useful for growing girls too, who have not got their first period yet. By using them every day, leak proof panties will ensure that her first period is not embarrassing, whether she gets it in school or when she is out.

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Pack of 3 Leakproof Menstrual Period Panties UB7118

Pack of 3 LeakProof Menstrual Period Panties Briefs For Teen Girls / WomenFeatures:Material: 95% Vis..

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